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X Mia - Whatchanogood

[Dick Hurse]
Ey, won't ya'll cut it off for me out there.
(Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two)
And one.
How ya'll doing?
Welcome to Joe's Cozy Corner.
Home of The Silent Devils And The Young Fellas.
It's your host Dick Hurse.
Tonight we got Mama Mia and Craig B and the Funk Nasty Band.
Asking ya'll whatchanogood?
Boy get your hand out of that girls skirt, I see it.

[Mia X]
C'mon, I was going down, baby let me know real quick
Now who you wanna fuck, who you wanna like with, huh
The niggas over yapping, them bitches out there betting or their dough
High then them bitches going to give me it back
Ass going all nonsense, common sense bitch
Mama striaght from the streets but I chose to retreat
Wha, and elivate my mind, right rhyming, spit game
Let the cocaine rise cause I don't need 'em migrains
Shake names, straight niggas or the sticky situations
New crowds, I play dumb but still I spray 'em
Mysterious Mia X, infamous dangerous
No Limit gorillas bust, foolish that ain't us
My ways, they stay the same
Either I love you or hate you, I diss you or date you
I make you or break you, play you when you play me, an eye for an eye
Treat muthafuckers the same way that I wanna be treated
I'm open, eat it up, lick it
But the condom on and hit it when I'm hot

When I'm not get the fuck from around me yo
Cause do it on my main concern is dough.
Tell 'em clowns yo.
Get the fuck from around me yo.
Cause do it on my main concern is dough.
Give me the hook ya'll.

True niggas and my true bitches
I ain't never gonna tolerate the foolishness
Now wave it air, ha, whatchanogood
For all

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